Why I created a website of Japanese art prints for sale?

Original 19th century album of hand-painted photographs of Japan

I've been enjoying perusing my grandfather's album of Japanese Meiji period hand coloured albumen photographs since I was a child. The album has been tucked away safely for last 20 years only being taken out occasionally to discover it all over again with friends and family.

I have often been asked about making copies of the photos so others could enjoy them also. My daughter recently created a Redbubble store selling her artwork and a light bulb finally went off on how I could share these amazing images. I painstakingly scanned all of the photographs at high resolution and added them to a new Redbubble store and Photos of Japan was born.

Since I created the site I have been lucky enough to source a second Japanese album with stunning photographs and now have over 150 in the collection.

I plan to continue to research these photos and the photographers who captured these amazing images and will continue to add prints from the collection and update my research in the Gallery.

You can visit the Redbubble store to order high quality photographic prints as well as framed prints, posters, art prints and apparel.